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The usual assortment of fine ladies were there, and I got dances from Taylor and Maxine. I know a couple are at Fantasies in RI not sure of names.

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Decent club with a lot of good talent. This has gidls discussed in other locations, and the consensus is that while it may still be "the best club in the state," it's no longer possible to justify the prices, especially, since Providence is actually closer to Boston and offers more of everything for way less cash.

I'm aware of nothing girl the trip north of and that includes the two in Peabody. I've always had a good time there. Not until you hit Montreal. I don't go to Mario's that often, especially now, and I don't spend any time watching what other customers do, but my impression is that most dancers sell far fewer lap dances than they did six months ago.

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I got sick of the 10 dollar dances in the open area from her and tried a few in Hot nude Morgantown women back rooms ghode 20 a pop, was definitely more intimate but not much. I got there a little early around Someone with better info may feel free to enlighten. I don't want to head to rhode island to get good lap dances, I am thinking maybe tryign someplace north, maine, vermont, isand anything good in nh that anyone knows about?

Hot brazilian girls rhode island

She is probably the skinniest girl I've ever seen dancing. Definitely seen Eqypt around before at other clubs and she gave a great dance on the couch in open area next to the stage. Bruna went to Alex and thence to Providence Club Fantasies.

She always flirts with the other girls and kisses them and all that, knows how to work it and goddamn can she shake that barzilian. The parking lot was full.

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Not sure if that's a good or a bad thing, I guess changes are going to be made to decor and layout, so that certainly is overdue at this place. As cheap as this place is, I feel I need to give up on it because the quality of the dancing just isn't there, if you want to leave satisfied from a club the you need to head south or west of the city see my other posts or even further to Providence with time and money permitting.

If that was one of you, you cheap bastard! That place used to be fully nude stripping at the stage, but from what I could see during my few times there, the so-called private dances were not nude and looked to be low or no contact, mostly air dances. Real spinner body, and rhodr could seriously shake that ass.

I didn't see any of girls I recognize today, Zoe and Nicole both gave ok 4 song sets on stage but really werent in to it with not many guys to tip them, I of course always do if I'm sat by the stage. Why is it so difficult Hot brazilian girls rhode island you to just tell Honest lonely and classic the name the damn place?

Still have that terrible VIP area, the couches that anyone can see right into, still completely lit. I know it sounds nit-picky and punctuation rules don't mean much to some internet posters but if you had simply capitalized the word "Club" it may have been more obvious grls The Club was actually the name of the club.

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I think it is going to do well for them. Tiny legs, super tiny stick thin, and she can take one leg and smoothly bring it up next to her face, then she flips over and slams her pussy down ont he floor. I used to work up near there and was there a lot when it was Marks Rhore.

Hot brazilian girls rhode island

I put Mario's ahead of any club in RI, at for my tastes at least. Does anyone know what other clubs they might've gone to? Three dancer's on today Avalon, Aria, and Mollybut I was nicely entertained. Centerfolds in Worcester was OK on a recent visit but the talent pool was thin.

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One of the massage girls has an insane ass. The real problem is that immigration from Brazil has become a lot more difficult and somewhat less profitable than it was a few years ago, so we're still left with the Ehode who came then, but some of them are starting to show their age.

Sophia was there again, what a woman and 2 other new girls, Roxy and Aria sp? The name of the place is "the club. I don't troll. Still not comparable to Worcester, but a shorter drive. Other than that, I haven't dabbled up there, sorry.

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You just don't find that kind of quality person in other clubs, other than maybe some small town in the Midwest or Deep South. I don't understand why they didn't take strides to make the VIP area more secluded. Ill be going back just for her.

There was one girl that had some serious talent. Last Tuesday Afternoon there were four dancers, all Brazilian.

Hot brazilian girls rhode island

Still and all, I would no longer send a new patron to Mario's under ordinary circumstances Even if they put up be in the doorway thatd be better. But they also have Brazilians, a ton of standard-issue blonds, some mixed race exotics, at least one Asian who I have since at least and is very hot.

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