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We're about half a little over halfway done with our crop. Logistics is a large part of it. Oh, and since I never introduced you guys, this is Carl Hi.

– chopping corn silage in the shenandoah valley of virginia with a john deere chopper….reampilot88

And hopefully I can get it to load later on. If you can't feel the truck that's right. Grain farmers deal with what bushels per hour? Oh, you got plenty to do. You're dealing with tons of silage per hour coming out of the machine. I don't remember what I thought we did comment on something that was the photo. That is very true, its much easier to compensate for a poor operator.

This is our corn crops and growing all year.

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I bet it feels good to be done? It's a win win. Is that what you commented on this morning? Tuesday morning after running all day just fine and running fine when I shut it down for the night it started and went Horny Nagasaki women a bad miss and blew black smoke big time Jump to : 1 Now viewing 1 [50 messages per ] Jump to forum :.

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So they need semis per hour basically. That will feed my cows.

Chopping corn silage video

Often times around here the fall is sipage, if we wanted to we could run a semi beside the combine without doing too much damage. You saw a picture of it yesterday and it chops it down to quarter inch. Then again silage doesn't flow like grain, but still, your blowing it instead of dumping it which means point and shoot. That's got a video of the spout, which shows where the corn is going in the. He does everything from working the ground ocrn in the ground to the final product that way I can concentrate on cows and Chopping corn silage video, and he can do what he knows best, which is grow a healthy crop.

It's like what you wake me up for.

Here we are creating a trench on the farm to store our corn silage. | videos de agro

I don't know somebody tagged me or my. In the Midwest that means the fields will see a crop of alfalfa to pull the compaction out that the trucks made. I can have control too and then I just sit here and I just drive push the stick, vidfo it's no fun.

Which as I already showed you is over here and we're making corn salad right now. How many do you have hauling to keep up with the chopper? Actually he's just our custom guy.

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We are right. I watched it. I'm chopping it uh three quarter three quarters of an inch or less. Grain farmers do not have this luxury and fear compaction. It looks like the 60 is still going.

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Chopping corn silage video I'm cron winning. I just happen to watch it this morning. And just like any good farm dog. They also have the luxury of being able to harvest without having the grain cart next to them non stop, this allows time for the cart to go unload into the semi and return. Sure you can eliminate a truck or two but you still have to for the time to dump the cart.

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Chopping corn silage video here corn silage is grown for animal feed. A lot of guys will Nsa asap soon as you can open up all the fields so the headlands and the splits dry out then come back and chop the rest later on, this helps to reduce compaction in those areas, you just have to be able to get your drivers to stick to driving in those areas when not next to the chopper. In the end the savings just are not there which is why as long as the weather permits, trucks are in the field.

As others have stated though, silage harvester spouts are better deed for this type of stuff. If you were to attempt to efficiently harvest with dump carts and not let the chopper sit it would take three carts for most larger choppers in most fields.

Chopping corn silage video

Oh look at this carl's just hanging out in here. A lot of them practice no till or minimum till as well. I don't know if this is kicked up. Choppint our custom harvester.

Chopping corn silage video

How you doing buddy, she knows the drill.

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